"Mac" is a member of the United States Military in AGN's The Road Ahead. He was assigned to the Washington Dam to provide security and provide transport for military and civilian personnel. Mac and Charlieacted as pilots for the Pathfinder unit led by Jonathan Walsh. Mac often hung back on the helicopter with Beaker. He was later put in military custody with Charlie and Beaker after disobeying direct orders from Dean Adamson to leave the surviving members of Pathfinder for dead during their last mission. He was later broken out by Bill Peterson and flew the surviving civilians and the last of Bill's unit away from the Washington Dam shortly before its destruction. He and Charlie are shown to be best friends and are rarely seen away from one another.


Very little is known about "Mac's" life before or as the outbreak began, except that he was a soldier in the United States Military.


The Road Ahead (Volume 1)

Mac is first introduced by Dean Adamson shortly after Pathfinder was officially put together. He led the group to the helipad where Charlie was doing a pre-flight check and later flew them to the warehouse where he and Charlie would help them set up at.

Both Mac and Charlie are sent to restrain Katelyn Robinson along with Burt and Miguel during her outburst in the containment cell. He is the third to be taken down by Katelyn. He rushed to help Burt and Miguel but was quickly incapacitated and nearly killed.

Mac and Charlie on their return to the warehouse inform Pathfinder about a large encroaching horde and explain that they will need to deal with it before they can land. Once the horde was dealt with, they landed and unloaded the specially requested supplies. The pair made small talk with Jonathan and other members of Pathfinder, going on to warn them that any future trips may bring more hordes and that they should be call for resources sparingly.

Mac and Charlie flew Pathfinder to their mission into the dead zone. Mac hung back with the helicopter while Charlie accompanied Pathfinder into the town. He later flew back with Beaker and picked the team up as they were being pursued by the hive-monster.

During the final mission, Mac flew the group into the dead zone once again. He later disobeyed orders and flew back to rescue the remainder of Pathfinder that did not stay behind to detonate the explosive device. He was arrested by Dean Adamson along with Charlie and Beaker.

He was later broken out by Bill Peterson and flew both him and the remaining quarantine survivors out of the Washington Dam before it was destroyed.

Crossing the Line (Volume 2)

Mac will appear in this volume.

Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of infected.



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